Netflix Free For 2 Days : Tips to Activate Free account

OTT platforms are the gaining popularity day by day and now you can enjoy Netflix Free for 2 Days in India. Netflix is the biggest ott platform in the world and it has planned to gain more Subscribers in India with an offer called Netflix Streamfest.

What is Netflix Streamfest and how to join Netflix Free

Netflix Streamfest is starting on 5 Dec 2020 and will end on 6 Dec 2020. During this event of Netflix which they are calling StreamFest New users will get two days Free streaming service of Netflix. Netflix is giving its service free for the first time and the good thing is this time users will not have to give any credit or debit card details to get free subscription.

If you want to enjoy this 2-day free streaming of Netflix and have a chill weekend watching your favourite movies and tv shows you just simply have to create a new account on or Netflix app with your email id or mobile number when streamfest starts. But You can opt in now for a Reminder of this event on so that you do not miss the account creation period.

Although this service will be free for everyone who makes account when streamfest starts but there is some dilemma that will every user get free access to Netflix or there may be some limitations. It is still not clear but as seen on ads run by Netflix on social media and tv channels they say this is a limited offer.

Now, what this limited offer is? So, we guess it will be provided to some limited number of users may be on first come first serve basis. So, we recommend if you want to chill and watch Netflix free for 2 days this weekend then you should register for streamfest reminder process with your email id or mobile number simply on now and you should create your account instantly when streamfest starts or when you get the notification from Netflix (if you register now).

Users will be able to watch Netflix on every device including Tv, Laptop, Computer, Console and Mobile off course Free on 5th and 6th Dec without any charge. Netflix Charge Highest among top ott platforms like Amazon Prime video and Disney+hotstar. In India Netflix’s Basic Plan starts from 199 Per month and they have different plans for different devices.

In this streamfest Netflix will be available in SD Quality to all Users who will join free in this offer on all device. It means you cannot enjoy Netflix FHD or 4k Picture Quality in this free 2-day plan.

We Hope You got all the information about Netflix streamfest which will be happening on 5th and 6th Dec 2020. Do Let us in comment section what you think of this Free offer and for more such offers visit our website in future.

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